Famous New Zealand Sightseeing Attractions

For a lot of travelers, New Zealand is both perfect destination and a dream location to for a holiday vacation. If you’re planning your initial tour to New Zealand, you may want to learn which places in New Zealand are in the top of the must-see list. The good news is there are a lot of travel agency that can help you with your New Zealand vacation itinerary.

Here is the list of famous attractions in New Zealand:

Milford Sound

The best way to see Milford Sound is through a boat. If you want to experience a nature adventure, this is the place for you! You can get on a cruise to enjoy a wonderful experience to see waterfalls and other water nature wonders. This tour is more exciting when you get to see a dolphin and a polar bear.


Located amid the shores of sparkling Lake Wakatipu and the snow-white peaks of the extraordinary, Queenstown is New Zealand’s escapade capital and one of the country’s top attractions for global guests. Bungee strolling, white-water excursion, rock climbing, biking, and downhill winter sports are just some of the exciting sports on offer, and travelers can discover the eye-catching alpine landscape on the exceptional network of hiking trails. In addition to the exciting activities, Queenstown offers all the luxuries with first-rated hotels, gyms, galleries, and shopping centers.


Auckland is the major city in New Zealand; it is not a wonder why it became a well-known travel hub in New Zealand.  Auckland is among the finest tourists spots to look for in New Zealand.  There are a lot of flights to choose from in the Auckland Airport that can take you to different places in New Zealand, that is why it is a great point for a total exploration of the amazing country.

White Island

If you love extreme adventure, White Island should be on your list. White Island is one of the most active volcanoes in New Zealand. You can get up close and personal with White Island by riding a picturesque helicopter ride with Volcanic Air Safaris. The White Island trip will not be a leisurely stroll, because it is a very active volcano, you need to follow precautionary measures for your safety. The destination is not always open for the public for safety reasons. Tourists and volcanologists flock the island for different respective reasons.

Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is among the finest spots to travel to in New Zealand for sport fishing and other water adventure. You can drive to Bay Islands for 3-4 hours from Auckland. This spectacular region comprises of 144 islands in the Purerua Peninsula.

These are only few of the best attractions in New Zealand. If you need help with your upcoming, click here.

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