Top 6 Ski Resorts for Beginners

Skiing is fun but it is quite a difficult sport for some people. The beautiful country of Switzerland is blessed with beautiful ski landscapes. If you are planning to start your ski adventure, visit these amazing resorts on Switzerland now! There are a lot of ski resorts for beginners in Switzerland that cater tutorials on how to ski. These resorts have short and nursery slopes that are perfect for ski beginners.

Saas Fee

Labeled as the ‘Pearl of the Alps’, Saas Fee is not only famous for its beauty but also for its programs for ski beginners. Beginner schools keep popping up in the area.  Ski enthusiasts are raving about its high altitude slopes that are similar to Zermatt. The resort has different areas for amateur and pro skiers. You can take your kid to the Kid’s fun park where they can learn the basic of skiing while you train skiing on a nursery slope.


Zermatt is situated in Valais near the Italian Alps, for you to get there easily, you just need to get into from Zermatt to Geneva airport . You can find any mountaineering sports in the area which is perfect for the ski beginners. Its beginner park has a state of the art facility complete with all the safety gears. A lot of ski schools have risen in the area in just a couple of years.


After trying some nursery slopes, Davos offers much bigger ones which are still suitable for beginners. The resort is known for being the ‘Slow Mountain’ because it has a lot of slopes which are very slow and easy.


You can find the beginner area in Nendaz at the Tracouet Lake. It has a number of gentle terrains and mini slopes. The resort is considered as one of the best destinations for beginners.

Les Diablerets

Forty percent of the resort area is considered as an easy zone. The resort easy slope doesn’t have any age limit; all can enjoy and practice skiing. After mastering the basic of skiing, you can try its semi amateur’s slopes which have more complicated terrains.


This gorgeous ski area is located at the largest ski area in the world. Although the resorts offer a great terrain for pro skiers, it also offers beginners a small area for practice. The area has smooth slopes which are ideal for kids and amateurs. You can get here by getting in a Meribel to Geneva transfers.

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